Episode #4: OUTSIDE Amy Schumer

The What the Hell Were You Thinking Podcast is made possible in part by the Uncle Crabby’s Comedy Crib and Seafood Shack, Crabby’s where the jokes are free and the crabs something your wife will never believe you caught in the bathroom.  If you would like to sponsor the show, you should probably get a gig over at the Crabby’s Comedy Crib, because that’s the best joke I’ve heard all week!


What the Hell Were You Thinking Episode #3: The Unbreakable Hilly C

“What the Hell Were You Thinking?” for Friday April 17th 2015 asks are we sure if we want an unopposed candidate, is 2.5 billion dollars really enough for an election and can we have Uncle Joe be her Veep for 8 more years of great Onion stories. Intro music by Hypnostate, you can find their work on Jamendo,com, drops from Dennis Quaid’s angry rants, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and of course The Onion.


What the Hell Were You Thinking Local Edition #2A: The Walking Douche

A Sunday edition of What the Hell Were You Thinking, screeding about gentrification, the doucherati (which is a word) and how I really am not allowed to live anywhere else. Drops by Shit Native New Yorkers Say, Jim Croce and Above Average.


Patient Zero

Apparently, I am masochist.  Still, even masochists need answers.  So, here we are.  This is a new podcast that looks around the world and asks: “What the HELL were you thinking?”.  We are going to talk about politics, a lot, pop culture, history, whiskey and why I drink it and any other thing that pops into my head.  There will be a weekly general interest show, and when I am feeling inspired a “Local Edition” that is New York City specific.  The show is listed on iTunes so find it there, the other places will be along soon.

There will be, when I get around to doing it, a Facebook page, Twitter feed and all the other bells and whistles.  But for now, you can reach me at whatthehellpodcast@gmail.com.  I will putting up show pages this weekend, but until then thanks for your patience.