Episode 13: “You Mad Bro?”

Of course Republicans are mad this week, they’ve had a hard one.  First Confederate flags are dropping like, well, confederate bikini tops in the front row of a Blake Shelton concert, all over the South.  (by the way mad props to Bree Newsome who climbed the pole at the S.C. statehouse and took the flag […]

Episode 11A: “F**ck Me If You Can’t Take A Joke”

Still, back in the 90’s college campus began to reverse centuries of white male dominance by including women and minority voices in the community.  A proximal effect of this was a grave concern for the words people used and how they impacted the community.  This was a laudable goal, and was largely considered a laughing […]

Episode #11: The Frilly Lab Coat Edition

Well, to listen to a lot of men, speaking to other men, it’s the same shit as spewed out of Hunt:  they’re emotional, they’re distracting, they go off and have other men’s babies, not yours.  Oh yeah, let’s cut through that particular line of bovine fecal matter right now:  a huge swathe of men in […]

Episode 10: 19 Candidates and Counting

  What IS it that makes such…interesting people want to run on the Republican Ticket?  When they say it’s a big tent party, apparently that tent is pitched outside the rubber wing of the home for the mentally askew.  I mean the VIABLE candidates say things that in any other country in the world would get […]