Episode 19: Schooled for Scandal

Look I am not saying you CAN’T enjoy a celebrity or sports figure, but be a little fucking selective and remember they are human beings and human beings with a LOT of money and power are rarely the sort of people you want to trust with money and power.  NFL stars and their dog fighting […]

Episode 18: Deja Vu All Over Again (Gun Control)

Something here is seriously wrong and we got to fix it, and a lot of people blame guns, not me that isn’t my way, I am going to agree with the old saw, guns don’t kill people, people kill people the PROBLEM is, the people killing people are all using motherfucking guns!  So here’s a […]

Episode 15: The Passion of the Trump

Donald noted how the rest of the country, and for some unexplained reason, Mexico, took great umbrage with the plain talk.  There has been, some damage to his brand, which is a lot like saying someone keyed your Yugo, sure they did the damage,  it’s just that no one really gives a shit.

Episode 14: “The Durn Duke Boys”

Our Dissenting Voice of the Week comes from the YouTuber “Dixie Dime“who tells us how the Confederate Flag isn’t about slavery and that slavery probably wasn’t a good idea, but really it was better than what already had.  You should really check her out.