Special Edition #2: Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word


Every so often a politician has a moment of clarity, like me when I am staring at the five empty bottles of Jameson on my desk–and they ask themselves “Why am I doing this?  What do I hope to accomplish?  Is being a podcast WORTH the damage I am doing myself?”  Except, in his case, I assume he insert politician for podcaster, you never know, I hear he likes the liquor as well and podcasting and drinking go together like heroin and HIV.   What the Smoking Man did was as far as I can tell, put the good of the country ahead of his own personal benefit.  I have to respect that, even if it came too little too late.


Until then, the Republican Party is holding on to singularly vicious and VERY poisonous snake which has no problems killing the hand that feeds it.


Episode 27: :Doctor, Doctor, You’re In the News”


I’ve heard both my parents launch diatribes that had they spilled from my 13 year old mouth, my ears would still be ringing from the slap now, 31 years later.  This is the crazy that Ben Carson has.  He is an intelligent man, a man of faith, and a man old enough to see his own mortality creep up on him and start the retreat into a world more comfortable, more familiar, and infinitely more “safe”.  The problem is, his is also a man with a significant ego–and one does NOT become a top neurosurgeon with the ego to go with it.  So it is not a long jump to believing that if you aren’t god, you are the closest thing on Earth to one, to believing that God wants you to do His work on this world.  You know, you are a subcontractor for God, who instead of putting up drywall you are the president of the United States.


Episode Twenty Six: “Seasons Don’t Fear the Reaper”


oung Ahmed Mohammed is the future of America, the fresh blood that arrives in the family that gets it going again.  Generations of immigrants arrived here over the centuries infusing our culture with a renewed drive to learn, work and succeed!  Ahmed is being lauded now for his curiosity, his desire to learn, his willingness to ask questions, or at least build something out of nothing.  I hope he goes on to MTI and creates a new generation of technology that changes EVERYTHING.  Though, what will probably happen is Ahmed will finally create a functional artificial intelligence, which will take control of our nuclear stockpile and start the genocidal rise of the machines!


Episode 25: 19th Nervous Shutdown



PLEASE NOTE:  Senator John Hoeven is from NORTH Dakota, I was just too lazy to edit that mistake.

The only “winner” in this is our friend from the top of the show, the Weasel in a flesh colored leisure  suit we all know as Rafael Ted Cruz, who orchestrated the whole thing to further his own agenda.  I am still not entirely sure I see his end game.  In no conceivable scenario does he win the nomination, and if he DID the odds of him actually BEING President are roughly the same as Sarah Palin winning the Nobel Prize in Economics for her groundbreaking new snowmobile sales strategy.  The best Ted get’s is a Veep slot, which is probably where he is angling.  He get’s the VP for whomever the Republicans pick in the post-Trump fallout, with Trump Zombies shuffling around the country feasting on flesh and creating a new generation of orange comb-overed automatons.  Cruz will gather the survivors and hit the road in the RV for Jeb! rallying the tepid base for Romney Mark III and Hillary becomes President.


Episode 24A: “Elmo Like Boobies” Local Edition



A few years ago Times Square was post apocalyptic shithole of drugs, crime, prostitution and the port authority bus terminal, the worst of the lot.  There were topless women then too, but they were blowing guys behind the recruiting station and no one even noticed.  If you wanted to see boobs, you could step into some of the most squalid porn theaters to ever blossom and fester on the face the earth, these places were literally herpes sores on the streets of NYC, just brushing up against them walking past risked coming down with a flaming case of the herp!  New Yorkers avoided Times Square because it was dangerous, dirty, dark, depressing and directly adjacent to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, which was exponentially worse than Times Square.  The Duece as it was called was the grimmest place in the grimmest City in the United States–I mean have you SEEN Escape from New York?  Shit, that was cast with extras from actual people in Times Square because they didn’t need costuming!

A completely unpaid plug for another podcast:  To Beautiful Too Live!


Episode 24: “Your Own Personal Jesus”


Hello and welcome to the podcast episode that asks a simple question:  Kim Davis, what the HELL were you thinking?  This week we talk about Rowan County Clerk currently in jail for contempt of court after defying a court order to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.  Davis refused on the grounds it violated her religious principles.  Lying to God when she took an oath to uphold the Constitution apparently falls under the “I had my fingers crossed” exemption cited by St, Paul in Thessalonians.  Here is just SOME of what you will hear:


“Still, the REASON we have people swear oaths is some jobs require us to do things we might not otherwise want to do.  I wasn’t  keen on the whole charging into combat and getting blown-up part of being in the military, it didn’t fit with my own personal…idiom I think most people feel similarly.  So, you take an oath.  I didn’t think much of the drug laws when I was cop, they were stupid and pointless, but I took an oath to uphold the laws even the stupid and pointless ones.  Davis is not in jail because she is a Christian, she is jail because she violated an oath she took before God!  She, in short, lied to God, which is also a sin if I am not mistaken.  It wouldn’t surprise to find  out she was dueling too!”