Episode 31: If I Could Turn Back Time


Over the past 40 years we’ve adjusted not the history but how we VIEWED history.  You see, the story is about ALL the human race, not just the White Male Christians.  So, historians started asking “Hey what did the women think about this?” and then started writing books about, maybe teaching it in their classes.  Conservative see this as rewriting history, the rest of us see it increasing history

Let me put it another way.  No one denies that Christopher Columbus sailed the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria from Spain looking for a passage to India.  He discovered a land the Europeans knew nothing about.  What he did fundamentally changed Europe, indeed the world.  No one is taking away from his actions when they also point out that he was motivated by greed, a ravening zealot and murdering slaver.  We say this because when we look at the totality of his actions, and the source materials we find the evidence supports the conclusions.  Oh, that and all the dead Native Americans.


Episode 30: I Was Gonna Vote to Acquit Then I Got High


What I was saying is drugs are just one method we have to escape, and I really don’t see that they do any more damage than some of the other common methods humans in the 21st Century choose, and I am not just talking about booze and food–I am talking about ALL the ways we duck out on reality.  Endless hours in fake reality killing creatures that never existed with people you’ve never met and calling them your friends  Some people Like have an imaginary friend who tells them will live forever and are SO special you are chose above all others–you know the one I’m talking about.  Or how the reality of your shitty life and shitty job is somehow connected to brown people.  How about spending money on tiny cardboard chits with random numbers on them in the expectation those random numbers will match some other random numbers and you will be obscenely rich?  There is no moral difference between those escapes from reality and tying your vein off and shooting your body up with a cocktail of chemicals designed to give your brain cells the best wet sloppy beej they ever got!


Episode 29: America’s Stupidest Home Citizens


The #1 box office movie this week is a paen to science, an ode to what science can do when applied to the life of a single human being.  I’ve not seen the Martian, but I read the book, interviews by the author and by the scientist who adore the story.  The story, if you’ve not heard, is about an astronaut on a mission to mars who is stranded after the mission goes wrong and must find a way to survive alone on Mars using only his wits and education.  So, naturally, some Americans thought it was based on a true story. 


In the same week Friend of the Show Rafael Theodore “The Weasel” Cruz weezed the juice all over the head of the Sierra Club President about climate change.  PJ Media, a right wing medicated wipe, described the episode as humiliating, and they were right,  It WAS humiliating!  Rafael spilled turds like the south end of a northbound hog hauler and Aaron Mair sat there with his mouth hung open just catching them as the dropped. 


Episode 28: Metal Health Will Drive You Mad

timthumb (1)

It’s hard enough to go through life carrying the weight of their illness without some jackoff waving an AK 47 outside and Arby’s laying his shit on them.  Indeed, giving the choice between a medicated schizophrenic who occasionally experiences flashes of delusion thinking and the average member of the NRA who CONSTANTLY experiences delusional thinking, I know which one I am going to sit next on the goddamn bus!  At least the schizophrenic will make sense from time to time!