Episode 36: “Worst. Episode. Ever”

    I think it’s ironic that the group of people most likely to be shoved in a locker with our undergarments wedged so far up our asscracks we could taste the fruit on our looms has devolved into the most destructive and vicious group of bullies on the Internet.  People who once yearned to […]

Episode 34: “Stranger In A Strange Land”

The astounding asshattery of the Republican Presidential contenders literally spewed verbal diarrhea from their mouth holes in a race to see who could be the most evil, jingoistic, racist corpsefucker in the entire party commented on the attacks.  Beginning with the Giant Intestinal Parasite with Hairpiece, who openly stated he would start closing mosques if […]

Episode 33: Let This Be Your Last Trigger Warning

And when someone disagrees with you about an issue, they are not denying you an opinion, your petulant whine and demands they step down from their job is denying the other person theirs.  Because you don’t agree with, or indeed LIKE another person’s opinions or even the other person, doesn’t mean they aren’t allowed to […]

Episode 32: Have You Heard About the Lonesome Loser?

Just this week we discovered that middle aged white men with only a high school education are dropping like flies from the despair of living their lives as Conservatives!  As Liberals, it is our job to help who cannot help themselves!  We need to dedicate ourselves to changing the lives White Male Conservatives by introducing […]