Episode 41: I Cannot Spoil What I Have Not Seen

Generation X loves Star Wars because Star Wars redefined our childhoods, it was the transition point from Old World to New World as far our pop culture was concerned and the Baby Boomers love Star Wars because it was right at this point in time they were financially stable enough to start buying cool shit […]

Episode 40: Go Home 2015 You’re Drunk

I’ve been hashtag blessed to witness some crazy shit in my years on this planet, from my earliest experiences watching a whole country lose their collective shit over the idea that Satanic Cults were sweeping the nation and conducting child sacrifices and teach devil worship through a game containing elves and dwarves, the a vice […]

Episode 39: Veteran of a Thousand Christmas Wars

The Chrisma-Nazi INSISTS you share their special joy of Christmas, whether you want to or not.  You know the one, the festive sweaters, lots of plates of cookies, enthusiastic to the point where you have to suspect they are doing a toot in the ladies rooms—there are an inordinate amount of Christmas decorations on their […]

Episode 37: “Ain’t That A Shame”

When politicians SAY they are praying for the victims of crime like this, chances are they probably aren’t so much praying for the victims as praying to God thanking them for another safety check on the elected office. After all, did not the Human Yeast Infection that is the Republican Front Runner actually Tweet that […]