Episode 49: Useless as an Asshole on an Elbow

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What I cannot figure out is why the Republicans are so dead set on playing ping pong with a live hand grenade.  Their party is a fucking shambles, their presidential front runner is a shriveled orange schlong proudly waving itself in the voters faces like a pervert on the subway, their Last Best Hope is […]

80 Proof Post Primary

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The Tiny Penis of the Republican Party said things that ostensibly should have had him run out of the state on a rail, or hung from a palmetto bug–and still he won.  We are rapidly nearing the point where I have no choice but to conclude that his has sworn some kind of pact with […]

Episode 47: I’m Afraid of Americans

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Let me put this way, and I preface this for Republicans, because you guys are the WORST.  You need a new sales clerk at Elroy’s Gun Hut and Bait Shack.  You have two candidate, one guy Billy who worked a Lenny Shoot Shack and Fish Hut in Hooter Holler, he can run the register, won’t […]

Episode 46: I Know What Boys Like

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It’s OK to be passionate about loving Bernie, hell if I were 23 and didn’t know shit about reality I too would be losing my god damned mind over his adamant demand for gulags in the flyover until everyone adheres to a simple socialist message of killing everyone making over 200 thousand dollars a year […]