Episode 53: I Know You Are But What Am I?

This week the show looks at the man children dominating the Republican Presidential Race to the bottom and their Twitter wars insulting each other’s wives.  We learn that petulant douchebaggery is an American Political Tradition and that nerds in the 80’s could have used a good database to track their tormenters.  God, we could have […]

Episode 52: So Long and Thanks for the Votes

This week your host Dave Bledsoe heads out into the flyover and takes long hard look at what has happened to rural white people, and why they are being disrespected by the Republican Establishment.  Hint: It’s Orange, Loud and Dangerous.   Jumping off from a scathing article in the National Review we talk about how white […]

Episode 51: Hard to Say I’m Sorry

Friday March 11th 2016 “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” Edition: In which your Host Dave Bledsoe admits his predictions on Rubio taking the nomination MAY be premature.  We also look at some other broad misconceptions made by the pundit-ocracy,  explain “Fucking Delegates, how do the work?” and how the corpse of Ronald Reagan has better […]

Episode 50 Deep Dark Truthful Mirror

Show Notes: Friday, March 04, 2016 “Deep Dark Truthful Mirror” Edition Host Dave Bledsoe asks the Republicans: when you said this Trump thing could never happen, what the HELL were you thinking?  This week we stare into the darkness that is the Trump supporter, who they are, why the like him and what it means […]