Episode 53: I Know You Are But What Am I?

This week the show looks at the man children dominating the Republican Presidential Race to the bottom and their Twitter wars insulting each other’s wives.  We learn that petulant douchebaggery is an American Political Tradition and that nerds in the 80’s could have used a good database to track their tormenters.  God, we could have hacked their iPhones to show their location at all times!  So much pain spared!  We talk briefly about Cruz Patrols and why they are just fucking stupid and why Kasich won’t take his toys and go home.

The show will also be going on hiatus for the next two weeks as we are moving studios, but will return in April with our Big Anniversary Show!  One year of podcasts!  Who would’ve thought when we started we were so angry we might still be doing these a year later?  

We open the show with PeeWee’s Big Adventure,  and close with Blink 162’s “What’s My Age Again”

You can hear all about Jefferson and Hamilton’s pissing matches here. (Bet you won’t hear THAT in the Broadway show!)

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Episode 52: So Long and Thanks for the Votes

This week your host Dave Bledsoe heads out into the flyover and takes long hard look at what has happened to rural white people, and why they are being disrespected by the Republican Establishment.  Hint: It’s Orange, Loud and Dangerous.   Jumping off from a scathing article in the National Review we talk about how white people were fucked over by the Republicans (OK and the Democrats) with only a tiny touch of schadenfreude.  From the decline of manufacturing jobs, to the failing public education system in poor rural communities and the cost of college education there is reason why poor white people are pissed off.  Along the way we get into some Latin with President Josiah Bartlett, discuss the merits of Toto songs with Gavin and realize when it comes to being angry, poor and White, it takes one to know one.

Our intro clip this week is Mel Brooks Blazing Saddles, our exit music is from the movie Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and of course, we mourn the end of Rubio campaign with Boyz II Men.

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The National Review can go fuck itself


Episode 51: Hard to Say I’m Sorry

Friday March 11th 2016 “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” Edition:

In which your Host Dave Bledsoe admits his predictions on Rubio taking the nomination MAY be premature.  We also look at some other broad misconceptions made by the pundit-ocracy,  explain “Fucking Delegates, how do the work?” and how the corpse of Ronald Reagan has better chance of winning the general than anyone currently running for the position.  The math is complicated, but the conclusions are very clear.  We also explain how a Brokered Convention will be the most entertaining thing in politics since (Spoiler Warning) Burr shot Hamilton.

The intro clip for this week’s show is Dr. Perry Cox from Scrubs “Wrong O’Clock”. The show is sponsored by Humble Pie Pastry, when you were wrong, really, really wrong:  Humble Pie Pastry.  The show’s closing music is Chicago’s “Hard to Say I’m Sorry”.  The Obligatory 80’s television reference is The Greatest American Hero.  

Mike Pesca’s Spiel in this Slate’s Gist explains the mystery of votes and delegates, and Vox provides our delegate count.  

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Episode 50 Deep Dark Truthful Mirror

Show Notes:

Friday, March 04, 2016 “Deep Dark Truthful Mirror” Edition

Host Dave Bledsoe asks the Republicans: when you said this Trump thing could never happen, what the HELL were you thinking?  This week we stare into the darkness that is the Trump supporter, who they are, why the like him and what it means for America.  In short, we stare deep into the darkness, and do not like what we see.  Our research monkeys drew heavily on the Atlantic article “Who Are Donald Trump’s Supporters” and the Washington Post’s “Here’s Who Supports Donald Trump –and Why”.   Finally the Fade Glory Brand Brown Shirts in their own words come The Guardian’s  “Not Even My Wife Knows’:  Secret Donald Trump Supporters Speak Out

The intro clip is the closing monologue from “American Psycho” and the credit music is from John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band—Eddie and the Cruisers Soundtrack, 1983.  

Show Opener:  Prelude to Common Sense/Hypnostate

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