Episode 56: Waiting For a Reagan Like You

Episode 56:  Waiting for Reagan Like You   This week Host Dave Bledsoe distributes soothing gel to all the butthurt Liberals on the Internet in the form of a little history lesson about the God of the Republican Party Ronald Wilson Reagan who came from the ashes of broken people and lead them into glory. […]

Episode 55: Govern the Shit Out of America

Episode 55:  Govern the Shit Out of It Edition One year(ish) ago the show you’ve come to know and ignore coalesced into it’s doughy, unappealing form, not unlike its host, and we are here to celebrate!  Fifty two(ish) episodes back we discussed the Inevitable Hilly C’s shocking reveal about her presidential ambitions, today we discuss […]

Episode 54: Don’t Throw Me In that Briar Patch

Back from hiatus in our deluxe new studios, which we are tentatively calling The Room Where It Happens because it is in Hamilton Heights and even HINT of that Hamilton money would be gravy!  This week we explore these strange feelings host Dave Bledsoe is having for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is definitely […]