Show Notes Episode 57: Going to the End of the Line

Show Notes Episode 57: Going to the End of the Line


This week, host Dave Bledsoe examines the words of the prophets written on the men’s room stall and comes to conclusion that some bathroom laws ARE needed–this place is disgusting!  The subject of the SHOW this week is the looming end of the Republican Primary and how the candidates are reacting to the unpleasant reality of Trump’s inevitable victory. Along the way we look at the storybook career of Carly Fiorina, if the stories were written by the Brother’s Grimm.  We get our Vaudeville on for some reason and we talk about the Donald’s new campaign man’s ties to criminals, and not the just ones in the Reagan and Bush Administrations.  Shout out to John Boehner who we kinda didn’t like in Congress but is really growing on us in private life!  Our opener this week is from the movie Election, which is looking more and prescient every day and we close the show with the Travelling Wilburys.  Promotional consideration for this week’s episode comes from Desperation, a scent for Republicans.  

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Donald Trump Will Be the Republican Nominee for President. Don’t Ever Get Used to It.

John Boehner Compares Ted Cruz to Satan, Says He Wouldn’t Vote for Him in November

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Episode 56: Waiting For a Reagan Like You

Episode 56:  Waiting for Reagan Like You



This week Host Dave Bledsoe distributes soothing gel to all the butthurt Liberals on the Internet in the form of a little history lesson about the God of the Republican Party Ronald Wilson Reagan who came from the ashes of broken people and lead them into glory.  Trust us, it will make sense once you hear the episode.  Along the way examine the tragic abuses of red headed step children and rented mules, the likelihood of Monsanto creating a man eating Summer Squash and why in the name of God Producer Gavin would mix Mountain Dew Code Red with Jameson–that sick son of a bitch.  We also point out that while yes, liberals are smug bastards, we are only smug because we are right all the time.

Our opening clip is a gem of a commercial from the 90’s about the game Scattergories, and we close the show with the music of Foreigner.  It’s the Episode you’ve been waiting to come into your life.

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Episode 55: Govern the Shit Out of America

Episode 55:  Govern the Shit Out of It Edition


One year(ish) ago the show you’ve come to know and ignore coalesced into it’s doughy, unappealing form, not unlike its host, and we are here to celebrate!  Fifty two(ish) episodes back we discussed the Inevitable Hilly C’s shocking reveal about her presidential ambitions, today we discuss whether or not to endorse her in next week’s primary.  Along the way we have breakfast at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, lament our lost Summer of 1982 and ponder Gavin’s Trapper Keeper cover art.   Host Dave Bledsoe even submits his own entry for a Hillary Clinton campaign commercial–call us Hill, we work CHEAP!  If you like nostalgic walks down memory lane, pina coladas and gettin caught in the rain, then our One Year Anniversary Show, Episode #55: Govern the Shit Out of It Edition is one you can’t miss.  

The show’s closing music is Survivor’s The Search is Over.  We’re sorry.

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Episode 54: Don’t Throw Me In that Briar Patch

Back from hiatus in our deluxe new studios, which we are tentatively calling The Room Where It Happens because it is in Hamilton Heights and even HINT of that Hamilton money would be gravy!  This week we explore these strange feelings host Dave Bledsoe is having for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is definitely NOT running for President, and totally wouldn’t take it, unless you offered it to him.  Also, an explainer on why running for political office is the worst job in America.  (Hint:  Corndogs.)  We wrap up with a vicious criticism of Ted Cruz being a Rules Lawyer AND a Munchkin.  


The into clip is the least offensively racist thing we could pull from Song of the South, the movie not the Alabama song which is actually pretty good.  Our “research” materials comes from Politico, New York Magazine and The New Republic.  Our closing credits song is YMCA by the Village People for reasons that will abundantly clear.

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