Episode 61: Own the Media


Show Notes Episode 61:  “Own the Media”

This week host Dave Bledsoe does his best Garfield and explains his love of lasagna, hatred of Mondays and unpacks what billionaire Peter Thiel’s funding of lawsuits aimed at Gawker as threats to the freedom of the press in America.  We realize that 99% don’t get that joke, because you have actual lives and do not spend your days obsessively consuming news about the news. As a refreshing change the only political philosophy we will be insulting this week is Libertarianism, which isn’t even a real philosophy, it’s something that only exists after three bowls of killer weed in your college freshman dorm!  Along the way we learn about Bubba the Love Sponge, that Dave has a sex tape (everyone was doing them in those days!) and laugh until we pee a little over the name Vandersloot!   Come for the lurid tales of Silicon Valley gay sex, stay for the death of democracy!

You really don’t get the Garfield thing at all do you?  Do you people even NPR?

Promotional considerations this week provided by Khan Noonien Singh’s Klingon Cuisine, try our still beating Heart of Targh!  The show opens with Khan explaining why all Klingon food is served cold, and ends with Kelly Clarkson’s soft lament to lost love.


Peter Thiel is a total asswad, I mean a complete PRICK.

Peter Thiel just gave other billionaires a dangerous blueprint for perverting philanthropy

Vandersloot is a funny name


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Episode 60: Bad News About the Unicorns

Show Notes for Episode 60:  Bad News About the Unicorns


This week Host Dave Bledsoe administers a high dose of reality straight to the Blood Brain Barrier.  Along the way we discuss the strange situation at Nevada Democratic Convention, professional wrestling moves and wonder what the hell happened to Bunk Moreland! We expect that kind of behavior of Jimmy McNulty, but not YOU Bunk!  We also talk about the rules, and how they are there for everyone, not just the special snowflakes who don’t like them because they are losing.  Also, if Jennifer Lawrence IS looking to get it on with a pudgy middle aged podcaster, we would totally be into that!  Call us JLaw!  Careful listeners will hear a fairly obscure reference to the 1980’s gaming culture, well obscure to people who weren’t in role playing game culture in the 1980’s anyway.  

We open the show with a drop from professional wrestling, who took chair tossing from my childhood rumpus room and transformed into pure fucking art.  We close with the Irish Rovers, though not their BEST song about mythic animals, though the Sasquatch Song was is so obscene I can’t even play it on this podcast.  Just disturbing.

Promotional Consideration this week by Lawson’s “Tosser” Folding Chair, the preferred chair of pro-wrestlers and angry Sander’s Delegates.  

Don’t forget to #AskAPodcaster all your pressing questions!


Snopes on the Chair Throwing:  Unproven  (It’s a rhetorical metaphor people!)


Show Theme:  Prelude to Common Sense by Hypnostate

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Episode 59: Mirror In the Bathroom


This week Host Dave Bledsoe steps inside the stall and discovers that North Carolina not only forgot to flush, but has backed up the plumbing.  Together we celebrate the return of fleshy homunculus Ted Cruz just when we thought he was out, bathroom laws pulled him back in!  Along the way we learn the difference between a Drag Queen and Cross Dresser (hint:  One is AWESOME and the other is some dude wearing his wife’s support hose in their bedroom.) We sing the hits at Ray Ray’s Clam Shack Kenny Karaoke along with Edna Mae, she does a MEAN Linda Ronstadt, learn that you really only have to worry about taking home a transgender person if you are out TRYING to take home a transgender person.  Finally, we ask some hard questions about Producer Gavin’s My Little Pony Cosplay outfits.  It promises to be really awkward for everyone!

Promotional consideration this week is by Golden Flow personal catheters, strap it on and never worry about perverts in the bathroom again!  Our opening drop is courtesy of an WPIX and an Angry Woman on the Subway and we close the show with English Beat’s Mirror in the Bathroom.

Angry Idiot on the Subway from WPIX        

Transgender Suicide Attempt Rates Are Staggering

RSS board: High schoolers will be allowed to carry pepper spray  

‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Phil Robertson Wades Into Transgender Bathroom Controversy

How anti-trans conservatives turn left-wing rhetoric to their advantage.

Seattle man undresses in women’s locker room at local pool to test new transgender bathroom rule


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Episode 58: I Was In the House When the House Burned Down

Show Notes for Episode 58:  When the House Burned Down



In this late and much abbreviated show for this week, Host Dave Bledsoe is not fucking around.  He is talking straight to anyone who is thinking about sitting out this year election because they don’t like their choice of candidates, Democrat AND Republican.  He wants you to know that choosing not to choose is still making and choice and that choice is for Donald Trump.  

Along the way we meet the Platonic Ideal of a Trump Voter and vigorously argue that you do NOT want Greg Bonecutter Jr, a name we only WISH we made up, deciding the future of the Republic,  So, stop sulking and do what you know you need to do, otherwise you will be in the house when it all burns down.

Promotional consideration for this week’s show is by Ass Relax, helping you shit and get off the pot.

Our opening drop is from the movie Heathers, and we close the show with Warren Zevon.

Meet Greg Bonecutter Jr.


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Day Late and Dollar Short

This weeks episode will go up Saturday evening rather than Friday due to a complete failure by Gavin to procure a fresh bottle of Jameson for the host.

We would fire him, but technically we are not sure if we are allowed to fire a possibly fictional person.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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