Episode 61: Own the Media

Show Notes Episode 61:  “Own the Media” This week host Dave Bledsoe does his best Garfield and explains his love of lasagna, hatred of Mondays and unpacks what billionaire Peter Thiel’s funding of lawsuits aimed at Gawker as threats to the freedom of the press in America.  We realize that 99% don’t get that joke, […]

Episode 60: Bad News About the Unicorns

Show Notes for Episode 60:  Bad News About the Unicorns This week Host Dave Bledsoe administers a high dose of reality straight to the Blood Brain Barrier.  Along the way we discuss the strange situation at Nevada Democratic Convention, professional wrestling moves and wonder what the hell happened to Bunk Moreland! We expect that kind […]

Episode 59: Mirror In the Bathroom

This week Host Dave Bledsoe steps inside the stall and discovers that North Carolina not only forgot to flush, but has backed up the plumbing.  Together we celebrate the return of fleshy homunculus Ted Cruz just when we thought he was out, bathroom laws pulled him back in!  Along the way we learn the difference […]

Episode 58: I Was In the House When the House Burned Down

Show Notes for Episode 58:  When the House Burned Down   In this late and much abbreviated show for this week, Host Dave Bledsoe is not fucking around.  He is talking straight to anyone who is thinking about sitting out this year election because they don’t like their choice of candidates, Democrat AND Republican.  He […]

Day Late and Dollar Short

This weeks episode will go up Saturday evening rather than Friday due to a complete failure by Gavin to procure a fresh bottle of Jameson for the host. We would fire him, but technically we are not sure if we are allowed to fire a possibly fictional person. We apologize for the inconvenience. The What […]