Episode 65: Save Whitey

Show Notes for Episode 65:  “Save Whitey” This week host Dave Bledsoe talks about White People and why they can’t have nice things, not even that Jack Daniels Elvis Decanter they bought at the Swap Shop over on Route 5!  We start with the White Folks across the Pond who decided they would rather burn […]

Episode 64: Love the Way You Lie

This week Host Dave Bledsoe is done with your bullshit and is here with a big ass shovel and bucket, ready to start scooping. We take a look at the lies the bind, the things we keep telling ourselves as though we really believe them.   We want to tell you this is a fun, […]

Episode 62: Gorilla Warfare

This week Host Dave Bledsoe scales the Empire State Building holding a nubile blonde and swatting away attacking bi-planes as he discusses the animals on the Internet.  Trust us, they are the less intelligent species.  In the show we dig deep into the killing of a gorilla in Cincinnati and how the Internet reacted.  Along […]