Episode 70: The Truth Is Out There

  SHOW NOTES EPISODE 70: “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE” This week Host Dave Bledsoe wipes the Cheez Whiz off his chest, and talks about all the doings at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.  Along the way he courts the rage of the American Hacking Community and anyone who doesn’t like the New England […]

Episode 69: “Escape From America”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe discovers that friendship IS actually magic as he dissects the week at the Republican National Convention, we love you Twilight Sparkle!  Along the way we learn about why Rudy Giuliani is so angry (hint:because he’s an asshole) and we give Intern Chrissy Christie our lunch order (WE SAID NO DAMN […]

Episode 68: “Convention Junction”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 68: CONVENTION JUNCTION This week host Dave Bledsoe learns that Cleveland Ohio has not had a river catch fire in 47 years.  But we expect all of that to change starting next week because their ain’t no party like a Republican Party cuz a Republican Party is full of white people doing […]

Episode 67: “This Is NOT Who We Are”

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 67:  “THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE” This week Host Dave Bledsoe takes turns off the drops and dick jokes and talks about being a cop–no really he actually WAS a cop.  This week has hit him pretty hard and in response there will be none of the usual chicanery in […]

Episode 66: Independence Day

Show Notes Episode 66:  Independence Day   Happy Birthday ‘Murca!  In this episode of the show Host Dave Bledsoe talks the Founding Fathers and all the goodness that happened on 1776–Holy Jesus, we just read the script–he’s gone mad!  He can’t DO that, not on 4th of July Weekend!  For the love of God someone […]