Episode 74: “Honky See, Honky Do”

Show Notes Episode 74:  Honky See, Honky Do This week Host Dave Bledsoe goes back to his roots to discover what the hell is wrong with White People?  We’ve learned we definitely CANNOT rule out inbreeding. Along the way we talk about Hillary’s big speech in Reno where she took Donny about behind the woodshed […]

Episode 73: Season of the Bitch

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 73:  “Season of the Bitch” This week Host Dave Bledsoe breaks out his special Clinton Campaign Marrying License and get’s ready to start Gay Marrying unwilling Christians before they are shipped off to the FEMA camp! Along they way, we dive deep into the unrelenting hell on Earth it will be once […]

Episode 72: “Don’t Panic!”

  SHOW NOTES:  EPISODE 72: “Don’t Panic!” This week Host Dave Bledsoe tries to calm everyone down with some soothing music and sonorous chants he learned spending seven days in Tibet.  He was not technically at a Buddhist Monastery, but in what the madam of the Lhasa cathouse assured him was a very “spiritual place”. […]

Episode 71: Someone Set Us Up the Bomb

Show Notes Episode 71:  Someone Set Us Up the Bomb This week Host Dave Bledsoe discovers how to not stop worrying and very much fear the Bomb!  He would also like someone to get this crying baby out of his studio! In the episode we find that repetition is very good, repetition is very good, […]