Episode 77: “Exodus 22-18”

    SHOW NOTES:  EPISODE 77 “EXODUS 22-18” This week Host Dave Bledsoe digs into his bookshelf and cracks open the Malleus Maleficarum for a hard hitting on expose on a certain Presidential Candidate may or may not be a Consort of Satan.  Strangely it is NOT the one you might think we would choose.  We also […]

Episode 76: “Hillary is Breaking the Curve!”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 76:  “Hillary Is Breaking the Curve” This week heavily hungover host Dave Bledsoe takes the media back to school where with the help of beautiful English professor and lovable cast of misfits he learns to respect his son and finally EARN that degree!  We’re sorry, that is apparently the plot of a […]

Episode Seventy Five: ꜞHOLA SEÑOR TRUMP!

This week Host Dave Bledsoe goes South of the Border, Down Mexico way, to talk about El Guapo Douchbag Donald Trump’s immigration foibles, flip flops, waffles and finally HateFest 2016!  It is muy malo!   Along the way we also lament the state of the educational system in the 1970’s when the idea of learning a […]