Episode 83: “The Horror” Halloween Spooktacular

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 83: “The Horror, The Horror” This week Host Dave Bledsoe does his level best to scare the hell out of you for our Halloween Spooktacular!  In a frankly dark and deeply disturbing show, he reaches deep into the psyche and draws forth all the darkness inside.  We no longer feel entirely safe […]

Episode 81: “Burn One Down For Me”

  SHOW NOTES EPISODE 81:  “Burn One Down For Me” This week Host Dave Bledsoe takes a good long look at the burning porta-potties that comprise the remnants of the Grand Old Party and he laughs and laughs like a gleeful child! In a long and painful journey we examine the rise of modern GOP […]

Episode 80: “Johnson Goes Limp”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE #80: “JOHNSON GOES LIMP” This week Host Dave Bledsoe goes for the cheap shots while ostensibly talking about the Libertarian Party and their candidate for President.  If you think there are dick jokes, you would be correct.  Along the way we examine the historical roots of political parties and what they stand […]