Episode 2A Redux: “The Walking Douche”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 2A REDUX: “The Walking Douche” In the “Best Of” (using those words a bit loosely huh?) Episode Host Dave Bledsoe discusses the rising tide of douchebags slowly consuming New York City.  No word on whether or not he considers himself as the problem or solution.  Along the way we look at the […]

Episode 39 Redux: Veteran of a 1000 Christmas Wars

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 39 REDUX: “Veteran of a Thousand Christmas Wars” In this week’s non-specific cultural seasonal tradition of your choice show, Host Dave Bledsoe is visited by three ghosts: The Ghost of Christmas Cash, the Ghost of Christmas Credit and the Ghost of Collections Agencies, to teach him the meaning of hating Christmas. Along […]

Episode 90: “What’s So Civil About War Anyway?”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 90 “What’s So Civil About War Anyway?” This week Host Dave Bledsoe takes us all back to school as the nation’s electors give it the old college try and finally end this god awful election once and for all. Get ready for another pointless history lesson, and some really mediocre Disney musicals […]

Episode 89: You Can’t Fix Stupid

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 89: “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID” This week Host Dave Bledsoe takes on Big Dictionary in his never ending quest to have Bloosnargl accepted as an actual word.  (Bloosnargl (n): The overwhelming feeling of relief and joy after taking a really big dump.  –Dave exited the men’s room with a spring in his […]

Episode 88: “Something For the Ladies”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE #88:  “SOMETHING FOR THE LADIES” This week Host Dave Bledsoe steps into the uncomfortable shoes of women in Trumpmerica and finds that even though they are painful and sexist, these 4” Stiletto heels make his legs look amazing.  On a slightly less disturbing topic, the show dives into the ideas the incoming […]