Episode 102: “Putting the FUN In Fundamentalism!”

EPISODE #102: “Putting the FUN In Fundamentalism” This week Host Dave Bledsoe gets right with Jesus, no not THAT Jesus, but Jesus Alvarez the guy in 4C who he pissed off last week playing Phil Collins for four hours straight.  (Jesus Forgive!)  On the show this week, we look at the theorized death of atheism […]

Episode 101: “Semper Douchebagus”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 101: “Semper Douchebagus” This week Host Dave Bledsoe goes back to Basic for remedial training, only discover he is now too fat and out of shape even for the Air Force.  On the show this week we discuss the revolting Marines United Scandal and wonder what the fuck is wrong with these […]

Episode 100: “What the HELL Was I Thinking?”

SHOW NOTES Episode #100:  “What the HELL Was I Thinking?” This week Dave Bledsoe wakes up, stumbles past the empty whiskey bottles and takes a long look in the mirror and finally asks himself what the hell was he thinking?  (Hint: I need to clean up all the empty bottles).  On the show this week […]

Episode 99: “America By Gaslight”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 99: “America By Gaslight” This week Host Dave Bledsoe meets the nicest boy who really loves him and is not at all after him for his podcasting money, only to lose the boy upon him learning there is no money in podcasts.  On the show this week we talk Donny’s Big Speech […]