Episode 132: Little Green Dudes

Episode #132:  “Little Green Dudes”   This week Host Dave Bledsoe discovers the Truth Is Out There, but he refuses to believe it.  On the show this week it is the first of a kinda sort two-part episode for Halloween, and we are talking Space Invaders.  (We sucked at that game.)  From the mysteries of […]

Episode 131: Harvey Danger

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 131:  “Harvey Danger” This week Host Dave Bledsoe goes all Hollywood, unfortunately that means he passed out drunk in an abandoned Hollywood Video store.  Again.  On the show this week we talk about Horny Harvey Weinstein the handiest rapist in Hollywood!  (Allegedly) Along the way we meander around such topics as where […]

Episode 130: Better Dead Than LegislaTED

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 130: “Better Dead Than LegislaTED” This week Host Dave Bledsoe let Jesus take the wheel only to find Jesus doesn’t even have a license. On the show the week we talk (What else?) the shooting in Las Vegas and reach the same conclusion as always:  nothing means nothing, but it’s free. Along […]