Episode 137: “Call Me, Al”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 137: “Call Me, Al” This week Host Dave Bledsoe remembers every awful thing he ever said to women and comes the realization his political career is probably over.  (For SO many reasons.)  On the show this week look at people whose political career is probably over and why they should just get […]

Episode 134: “Unfriending Facebook”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 134: Unfriending Facebook This week Host Dave Bledsoe tries to Friend himself on Facebook only to be told to fuck off and get blocked. (Sound thinking)  On the show this week we talk Russians and social media and why it was so easy to fuck up the election.  (Hint: Americans are not […]

Episode 133: Screaming In the Night

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 133: “Screaming In the Night” This week Host Dave Bledsoe’s unmanly shrieks of terror ring through the studio, informing us he’s caught his penis in his zipper.  Again.  On the show this week we have Part Two of our Annual Halloween Spooktacular, ghosts, ghouls and evil entities.  (This is our name for […]