Patreon Wayback’s: The First Hit Is Always Free

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Hey, wanna party?  Wanna feel GOOD?  Of course, you do!  That is why you wanna hit of this exclusive content on our Patreon Page! (  Once you get some our fine, fine, product you will want more and we give you all you can handle every week.  Just a dollar, baby, just one little dollar and […]

Episode 157: Quiet Numskulls, I’m Broadcasting

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Show Notes Episode 157: “Quiet Numbskulls I’m Broadcasting” This week Host Dave Bledsoe goes on the hunt for the video that killed the radio star, to discover all he can hear is Radio Gaga, only to then find himself the morning DJ on W.O.L.D. On the show the show this week we Turn Up the […]

Episode 156: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

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Episode 156: “Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap”     This week Host Dave Bledsoe goes in search of legal counsel to press his case against TGI Fridays in Penn Station for emotional damages after being banned from the premises last week. (His pain is very real and very lucrative)  On the show this week, we […]