Episode 178: I Wonder Who the Real Men Are

Show Notes Episode 178: “I Wonder Who the Real Men Are” This week Host Dave Bledsoe flips through the pages of his high school yearbook to confirm he correctly recalls not raping anyone in high school.  On the show this week we flip through America’s high school yearbook to find it full assholes named Brett. […]

Episode 177: A Dick Joke Too Far

Show Notes Episode 177: “A Dick Joke Too Far” This week Host Dave Bledsoe reveals himself to his fans in a moment of heartfelt intimacy and vulnerability, much to everyone’s regret. (Dick Trigger Warning Given)  On the show the week, we discuss….well what the hell else are we going to discuss on this show?  The […]

Episode 176: Roughing the Snapper

Episode 175: “Roughing the Snapper” This week all of Host Dave Bledsoe’s rowdy friends are coming over only to find he’s not home and is in fact in a bar getting shit faced by himself.  Again. On the show this week we go all sports talk radio and give a surprising answer to the question […]