Episode 51: Hard to Say I’m Sorry

Friday March 11th 2016 “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” Edition:

In which your Host Dave Bledsoe admits his predictions on Rubio taking the nomination MAY be premature.  We also look at some other broad misconceptions made by the pundit-ocracy,  explain “Fucking Delegates, how do the work?” and how the corpse of Ronald Reagan has better chance of winning the general than anyone currently running for the position.  The math is complicated, but the conclusions are very clear.  We also explain how a Brokered Convention will be the most entertaining thing in politics since (Spoiler Warning) Burr shot Hamilton.

The intro clip for this week’s show is Dr. Perry Cox from Scrubs “Wrong O’Clock”. The show is sponsored by Humble Pie Pastry, when you were wrong, really, really wrong:  Humble Pie Pastry.  The show’s closing music is Chicago’s “Hard to Say I’m Sorry”.  The Obligatory 80’s television reference is The Greatest American Hero.  

Mike Pesca’s Spiel in this Slate’s Gist explains the mystery of votes and delegates, and Vox provides our delegate count.  

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The Tiny Penis of the Republican Party said things that ostensibly should have had him run out of the state on a rail, or hung from a palmetto bug–and still he won.  We are rapidly nearing the point where I have no choice but to conclude that his has sworn some kind of pact with the Great Old Ones and is actively working to rouse Dread Cthulhu from his slumber!