Episode 114 Redux: The Mystery of Fresno

Show Notes Episode 114:  The Mystery of Fresno Redux This week Host Dave Bledsoe attempts to roll a Saving Throw against the Real World gets a big fat One! Which means this is a rerun for Dave’s 50th Birthday. Since he rapidly running out of them, we figure now is a good time to celebrate. […]

Episode 93: “No Hope But Mount Hope Redux”

Episode 93 Redux “No Hope But Mount Hope” This week Host Dave Bledsoe staggers into the studio and shouts incomprehensibly at the recording booth because he is too drunk to realize Gavin isn’t there.  On the show this week, we’ve all taken the week off to see our families for a minute and present this […]

Episode 39 Redux: Veteran of a 1000 Christmas Wars

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 39 REDUX: “Veteran of a Thousand Christmas Wars” In this week’s non-specific cultural seasonal tradition of your choice show, Host Dave Bledsoe is visited by three ghosts: The Ghost of Christmas Cash, the Ghost of Christmas Credit and the Ghost of Collections Agencies, to teach him the meaning of hating Christmas. Along […]