Episode 39 Redux: Veteran of a 1000 Christmas Wars

“Veteran of a Thousand Christmas Wars”

In this week’s non-specific cultural seasonal tradition of your choice show, Host Dave Bledsoe is visited by three ghosts: The Ghost of Christmas Cash, the Ghost of Christmas Credit and the Ghost of Collections Agencies, to teach him the meaning of hating Christmas.

Along the way we also wonder why there is Christmas in Eternia, ask why we stop killing each other just the one day of year and learn why Dave is not allowed to return to the Republic of South Korea.  (Hint:  It’s alcohol related.)  We are our grievances over the length of the Season, learn to love fossilized feces and to loath the Chrisma-Nazi.

We hope you enjoy this Christmas Classic, that is what we are calling this rather than rerun because Dave was too lazy to write fresh content. On the up side, there are ZERO Trump mentions in this show! So, get off his ass, he is flying to the West Coast to a Socialist Lesbian Atheist Commune Post Solstice Sharing Circle on Christmas Eve!  We hope you and yours don’t try to kill each other this weekend.

Promotional consideration provided by Karl Kringle’s Discount Elf Hut.  We open the show with Bad Santa and close with Blue Oyster Cult.

Hypnostate provides the music in our opening credits.
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