Episode 100: “What the HELL Was I Thinking?”

SHOW NOTES Episode #100:  “What the HELL Was I Thinking?”

This week Dave Bledsoe wakes up, stumbles past the empty whiskey bottles and takes a long look in the mirror and finally asks himself what the hell was he thinking?  (Hint: I need to clean up all the empty bottles).  On the show this week we look back at 100 Episode of a low rated podcast and what we’ve learned.  (Hint: We need to get out of the house more.)

Along the way, we learn about the history of podcasting from the early form of Dave getting drunk and recording himself with his friends to a more evolved form of Dave getting drunk and recording himself alone. (It’s evolved because he learned it is cheaper to drink alone.)  We also discover that the iPod was NOT the original name Steve Jobs preferred, we find that podcasts are where failed radio DJ’s go to die, and just that Dennis Miller deserves an Executive Producer credit on this show.  (Sane Dennis Miller, not current Dennis.)  We also look forward to the inevitable death of podcasting with a quiet, desperate longing.  

Our show is sponsored this week by all of sponsors, without whom you would be listening to a much better show.  We open with Howard Stern’s wisdom on the podcast format and close with the Greatest American Hero.  (Not Reagan, settle down!)

Citations Needed: Alas, we never knew ye, And now a word from our sponsors

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Day Late and Dollar Short

This weeks episode will go up Saturday evening rather than Friday due to a complete failure by Gavin to procure a fresh bottle of Jameson for the host.

We would fire him, but technically we are not sure if we are allowed to fire a possibly fictional person.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

The What the HELL Were You Thinking Podcast.


Patient Zero

Apparently, I am masochist.  Still, even masochists need answers.  So, here we are.  This is a new podcast that looks around the world and asks: “What the HELL were you thinking?”.  We are going to talk about politics, a lot, pop culture, history, whiskey and why I drink it and any other thing that pops into my head.  There will be a weekly general interest show, and when I am feeling inspired a “Local Edition” that is New York City specific.  The show is listed on iTunes so find it there, the other places will be along soon.

There will be, when I get around to doing it, a Facebook page, Twitter feed and all the other bells and whistles.  But for now, you can reach me at whatthehellpodcast@gmail.com.  I will putting up show pages this weekend, but until then thanks for your patience.