Episode 210: We Drink, and We Know Things

Episode 210: We Drink and We Know Things This week Host Dave Bledsoe stumbles out from his hiding spot in the crypts only find out he was only passed out in the boiler room again.  On the show this week reveal the secret of the Night Kings power! (Hint:  Fan rage!) Don’t worry, the episode […]

Episode 132: Little Green Dudes

Episode #132:  “Little Green Dudes”   This week Host Dave Bledsoe discovers the Truth Is Out There, but he refuses to believe it.  On the show this week it is the first of a kinda sort two-part episode for Halloween, and we are talking Space Invaders.  (We sucked at that game.)  From the mysteries of […]

Episode 99: “America By Gaslight”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 99: “America By Gaslight” This week Host Dave Bledsoe meets the nicest boy who really loves him and is not at all after him for his podcasting money, only to lose the boy upon him learning there is no money in podcasts.  On the show this week we talk Donny’s Big Speech […]

Storytime Episode 1: Jesus Is Open in the Endzone

Of course, this was because in southeastern Tennessee in the 1970’s football wasn’t played on Sunday, it was on Saturday, because that is when the University of Tennessee Volunteers played. (A few heretics rooted for the University of Georgia Bulldogs, but they were like Catholics, damned by their own choice.) Being just fifty or so […]