Episode 98: “Blind Boys CAN Lie”



This week Host Dave Bledsoe gets lost in the shadows and finally understands why Kiefer Sutherland was so freaking HOT in the 80’s!  On the show this week we are talking about the Lost Boys of Milo’s Army, who find themselves leaderless and extremely confused by why they were following Milo in the first place.  (Is it Gay if we want still want to do chicks?)

We dig into the roots of the culture of the Trolls, Pepe’s and Gamergaters and why they are suddenly everywhere you turn.  (Hint:  Clicks, lots of clicks)  We also examine the history of teenaged angst and how we dealt with it.  (Matching sports shirts mostly)  We glimpse Dave’s awkward past as a Theater Kid (He was cast for his Southern Accent not any “acting” chops.) We learn the genesis the male dominated gaming culture (Hint: Marketing) and Etruscan funerary statues.  We also learn that Gavin has a severe allergy to horse dander in our failed attempt to create show swag.  (Dear God, the swelling!)  Also: Vampire Hobbits?

Our sponsor this week is Hypocrital, one pill a day makes morality go away!  We open the show with Milo’s “apology” and close with the theme from Lost Boys!

Citations needed: What a dick, The saddest job you will ever lose, Precious Alt-RIght Snowflakes

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Episode 76: “Hillary is Breaking the Curve!”


SHOW NOTES EPISODE 76:  “Hillary Is Breaking the Curve”

This week heavily hungover host Dave Bledsoe takes the media back to school where with the help of beautiful English professor and lovable cast of misfits he learns to respect his son and finally EARN that degree!  We’re sorry, that is apparently the plot of a Rodney Dangerfield movie.  No, in this week’s show we ask whether or not the press is taking it easy on the Donald to make the race more interesting and keep the ratings up through November.  (Probably, that or they are scared of him).

Along the way we delve into why the lines are so long on the Intrepid, the structural integrity of the sanitary sewers in convents and why Billy Zabka is the quintessential 80’s teen movie villain.  (Sweep the leg Johnny!)  We also try to cast a Raise Dead on Walter Cronkite only to have him blow his Resurrection Roll.  Honestly, the DM is being a real ball buster about this.

Promotional consideration is provided by Gary’s Guides to Great World City The Aleppo Edition!  We open the show with YouTuber gfreakj’s insights on grading on a curve and close with the music of Wilson Phillips.  Shut up, you know you love them!

CITATIONS NEEDED?  Vox: Trump Can’t Shock Us, WaPo Trump On the Curve, Barry Bitch Slaps the Media.

Hypnostate provides the music in our opening credits. 

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Episode 46: I Know What Boys Like


It’s OK to be passionate about loving Bernie, hell if I were 23 and didn’t know shit about reality I too would be losing my god damned mind over his adamant demand for gulags in the flyover until everyone adheres to a simple socialist message of killing everyone making over 200 thousand dollars a year and splitting their money among the impoverished classed!