Episode 24A: “Elmo Like Boobies” Local Edition



A few years ago Times Square was post apocalyptic shithole of drugs, crime, prostitution and the port authority bus terminal, the worst of the lot.  There were topless women then too, but they were blowing guys behind the recruiting station and no one even noticed.  If you wanted to see boobs, you could step into some of the most squalid porn theaters to ever blossom and fester on the face the earth, these places were literally herpes sores on the streets of NYC, just brushing up against them walking past risked coming down with a flaming case of the herp!  New Yorkers avoided Times Square because it was dangerous, dirty, dark, depressing and directly adjacent to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, which was exponentially worse than Times Square.  The Duece as it was called was the grimmest place in the grimmest City in the United States–I mean have you SEEN Escape from New York?  Shit, that was cast with extras from actual people in Times Square because they didn’t need costuming!

A completely unpaid plug for another podcast:  To Beautiful Too Live!