Patient Zero–Spread the Disease of Knowledge

Apparently, I am masochist.  Still, even masochists need answers.  So, here we are.  This is a new podcast that looks around the world and asks: “What the HELL were you thinking?”.  We are going to talk about politics, a lot, pop culture, history, whiskey and why I drink it and any other thing that pops into my head.  There will be a weekly general interest show, and when I am feeling inspired a “Local Edition” that is New York City specific.  The show is listed on iTunes so find it there, the other places will be along soon.

There will be, when I get around to doing it, a Facebook page, Twitter feed and all the other bells and whistles.  But for now, you can reach me at  I will putting up show pages this weekend, but until then thanks for your patience.




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