Special Edition #4: “For What It’s Worth”



Show Notes Special Edition #4:  For What’s It’s Worth

In this Special Edition Host Dave Bledsoe gives up his Sunday drinking for studio drinking. Though honestly how can you tell?  He takes on the violence inherent in the system and points out how Trump Protesters are shooting themselves in foot and if they keep this up someone else will be doing the shooting, and feet will not be their target.   Along the way we deal with Dave’s laundry listening, Gavin’s personal grooming habits and why didn’t any of you pay attention in history class. We insult pretty much EVERY segment of the American population and explain why we need to the vapid, listless, torpid American vote to win.    Also, modern protest songs really SUCK.
We open with angry people being angry and close with Buffalo Springfield.  THAT is a protest song!

Hypnostate provides the music in our opening credits.

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