Special Edition Nine: “Violations of the Neutral Zone” (Net Neutrality Not Football)

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SHOW NOTES SPECIAL EDITION NINE; “Violations of the Neutral Zone”

In this Special Edition of the Show Host Dave Bledsoe takes a break from his religious observances to get bitter about what might of have been. (Another failed DJ with a podcast!) On the show we talk Net Neutrality and why you should actually give a shit.  (Hint:  They are coming for your porn!)

Along the way we defend our stand on Ajit Pai being a member of the Tal Shiar and remind you even people who aren’t White can been shitty too.  We do a quick mini-Wayback to 1996 and the death of all that was good and decent on the airwaves.  (We miss you Justin and Whitey!  #RiseGuysForever)  Finally we explain what YOU need to do save your porn, or anything else you value on the Internet.  Get over to www.battleforthenet.com and DO SOMETHING!

Our Sponsor is Fast Eddies Internet, the Internet just like you remember it:  sloooooowwwww.  We open the show with Captain Picard and close with YouTuber Gary Schutt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pySrsDSUJw4

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