Special Edition Seven: “Now We Know Who Is Doing the Raping”

SHOW NOTES SPECIAL EDITION #7: “Now We Know Who Is Doing the Raping”



In yet another Special Edition Host Dave Bledsoe discusses the frankly disturbing allegations by numerous women against Donald Trump for sexual assault.  They are disturbing not just for the obvious reasons but for the idea of this tiny orange fingers touching ANYONE!

Along the way you get a behind the scenes peek at what it’s like to work on a low rated podcast (Hint: It’s not pretty) and we take a look at the cabal of corporate media colluding with the Clinton Campaign to keep America from being Great Again.  We also ponder why it took so long for Trump to call Hillary ugly–it is the closest thing to restraint we’ve seen from this infuriated hamster of a man.  He must be so proud.  Promotional consideration for this Special Edition is by Perv-A-Way 50,00 volts of fuck off in the palm of your hand.  We open the show with Trump asking the question we answer with this Edition and close with the sage advice of the Georgia Satellites

Hypnostate provides the music in our opening credits.

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