Special Editon #5: “Baskets of Deplorables”


SHOW NOTES FOR SPECIAL EDITION #5: “Baskets of Deplorables”

krkh4esgdh4esgcbiwgeThe Return of Greg Bonecutter Jr!  Host Dave Bledsoe woke up to a Twitter Storm about HRC’s speech remarks in NYC last night–apparently the racists are REALLY upset about being called racists.  Our heart weeps for their pain.  We also revisit last night’s show and take the media to task for not applying the slightest hint of context in pursuit of the Platonic Ideal of a Gaffe Soundbite.  So, we present this Special Edition of the show and remind you that if you are voting for Trump, you are a racist!  Have a great weekend!

Promotional consideration for this Special Edition is by Trumpzar Pictures new animated motion feature  “Deplorable You”, featuring the hi jinks of trio of adorable Skinhead munchkins in the quest for a perfect Aryan America!  We open the show with Hillary’s ACTUAL words and close with They Might Be Giants.  We’ve saved this song for a special occasion!


Hypnostate provides the music in our opening credits.

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