Episode 132: Little Green Dudes

Episode #132:  “Little Green Dudes”


This week Host Dave Bledsoe discovers the Truth Is Out There, but he refuses to believe it.  On the show this week it is the first of a kinda sort two-part episode for Halloween, and we are talking Space Invaders.  (We sucked at that game.)  From the mysteries of UFO’s to government cover-ups of alien technology we tell it like it is!  (Suck it Men In Black!) Come back NEXT week for all the ghost stories we refused to believe either.

Along the way touch on the mental  properties of Pumpkin Spice (It must flow!) and plumb the mysteries of the Human Ass. (Wear a glove.) We talk about stoned old dudes in the desert and sleepy young dudes on flightlines.  We seek answers in the art of Renaissance Masters and in the pages of pulp magazines.  (We did not find them.)  We put two and two together and uncover a vast government conspiracy to deprive YOU of the truth.  (Sadly, that truth is there are no aliens.  Surprise!)  Our wayback this week takes us back to October 21st 1967 in a stunning connection crossing decades!

Our sponsor this week is Galaxxor and Galaxxor Doctors of Proctology, probing butts for better butt health!  We open the show with Fox Mulder and close with a visit to the cosmos.  

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