Episode 210: We Drink, and We Know Things

Episode 210: We Drink and We Know Things

This week Host Dave Bledsoe stumbles out from his hiding spot in the crypts only find out he was only passed out in the boiler room again.  On the show this week reveal the secret of the Night Kings power! (Hint:  Fan rage!) Don’t worry, the episode is spoiler free. (Unless you count us talking about all the things that happen on the show.)

Along the way we examine the phenomena that is Game of Thrones and how it went from little noticed fantasy novel to the biggest television show in history!  (We strongly suspect it has something to do with boobs.)  After this, we take a look at the cultural impact of the HBO Blockbuster, and how it crossed out of fantasy’s traditional dorky white male fandom.  (Is it Peter Dinklage?  We, honestly, are still working on it.)

We see how the books begat the show and the show begat the fandom and then we discover how both the books and the show let us all down.  We talk about predecessor works in fantasy why you should never start reading a series with more than three books if the author is still alive.  (You don’t have any pages at all, do you George?)  Then we close with everything that went wrong with show because you are not allowed to have nice things or like the things Dave doesn’t like.  (Which excludes pretty much everything except whiskey.)

Our sponsor this week is Deus Ex Machina, helping writers out of a tough spot for millennia!  We open the show with the Brothers of the Night’s Watch and close with The Keys of Awesome and their thoughts on obsession.

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