Episode 99: “America By Gaslight”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 99: “America By Gaslight”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe meets the nicest boy who really loves him and is not at all after him for his podcasting money, only to lose the boy upon him learning there is no money in podcasts.  On the show this week we talk Donny’s Big Speech in front of Congress where he finally became President, we mean after winning a narrow election and being sworn in and stuff, but NOW he totally the President, they said so on the cables!

Along the way we discuss how badly the pundits of America need things to be normal, they can’t stand all this fighting between Mommy America and Daddy Trump.  We discuss monkey masturbation habits, how even Gavin could sound presidential if the right person wrote the speech (We are thinking Jon Favreau. The actor, not the speechwriter, we loved him as Gutter in PCU) and topically: Tom Selleck’s irrigation habits.  (Good GOD Magnum!)  We also learn what do when you catch your neighbor shitting on your lawn, not his dog but your actual neighbor.  (Different rules apply.)  Finally we learn how Mister Roger’s Neighborhood was a hotbed of Maoist communism! (McCarthy was right!  Melissa not Joe, she was always suspicious of Fred)

Our sponsor this week is Reality Disconnect, making a lies true through repetition.  We open with Gaslight and close with Quiet Riot.  Trust us, there is a connection.

Citations Needed:  Fuck this guy, and this guy, double fuck him, triple fuck him, she’s cool, fuck them, you know what fuck everybody!

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