Episode 45: Blame Iowa


Iowa is too small, too rural and too white to even come close to reflecting the America these jackoffs running for office are even PRETENDING to represent. Hell, the Iowa Caucus doesn’t accurately represent IOWA! The voters, well not voters but the delegate representatives, must be physically present to be counted, no absentee ballots, so if you have a night job, or the tractor broke down on the back 40 and you had to walk back to the farmhouse and don’t make it to the caucus, fuck you, you’re out.  This is the first year that members of the military, you know the people out there defending democracy, could participate via a video link!  2016!  So, your average Iowa caucus voter is VERY white, and very middle class, you know the kind of people who have jobs that let out at 5 PM.  That leaves out the cashiers at the Wal-Mart, the chicken pluckers at the Tyson plants, the cops, firemen, nurses and doctors, the janitors, the street sweepers, gas station attendants, Merle down at the Stop and Shop who always let you buy beer without and ID, the kind of people that someone like Sarah Palin would probably call Real Americans, so long as they were white, which Iowa, they are.


Episode 21: “Weekend at Bernies”



Bernie believes in the things he is saying, his entire political life he’s stood up for Left Wing issues and goals.  He has CONSISTENTLY voted his conscience of matters that matter to his constituency and himself.  Unlike most politicians, he doesn’t back away from his actual views when they are politically inconvenient.   Sander’s entire political career has featured him aggressively championing political issues on the Left, unapologetically defending the progressive agenda and clearly defining himself as outside of the mainstream political process.  Most politicians tack toward their base in the Primary to win the nomination and come back Center for the general, Bernie stays Bernie, and even if you don’t AGREE with him, you have to admire a politician who is not COMPLETELY full of shit.