Episode 74: “Honky See, Honky Do”


Show Notes Episode 74:  Honky See, Honky Do

This week Host Dave Bledsoe goes back to his roots to discover what the hell is wrong with White People?  We’ve learned we definitely CANNOT rule out inbreeding.

Along the way we talk about Hillary’s big speech in Reno where she took Donny about behind the woodshed and tanned his ass with a hickory switch.  We check in on the Neckbeards and Basement Dwellers calling themselves the “Alt Right” only find their Mom’s have taken their Internet connection away after Hillary told her what they little ones were up too.  

We blow the doors of the trope that the Angry White Men behind Trump are REALLY upset about the economy.  (Hint: They’re not.)  We ponder the REAL reason they might be so angry.  I don’t care if a rapper said it, you still cannot!   Finally we discover some very disturbing images involving a member of the show and why they protect us from being hacked.  It is NOT pretty.

Promotional consideration for this week’s show is from Honky Brand Crackers, Beige and Boring just like you!  Our intro comes from Buzzfeed and the closing music is by Foreigner!  


Hypnostate provides the music in our opening credits.

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Episode #5: “The N Word”

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