Episode 101: “Semper Douchebagus”

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SHOW NOTES EPISODE 101: “Semper Douchebagus”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe goes back to Basic for remedial training, only discover he is now too fat and out of shape even for the Air Force.  On the show this week we discuss the revolting Marines United Scandal and wonder what the fuck is wrong with these people.  (Hint:They have penises.)

Along the way we debate the morality oftaking and sharing naked photos (No biggie unless you look like Dave).  We learn about the Uniform Code of Military Justice and why Leroy Jethro GIbbs cannot do any of the cool shit you see on television.  (Hint:  He’s not REAL.)  Finally we settle once and for all the question over women in combat with this realization:  Almost ANY woman is more fit to serve in combat that Dave was. 

All of this plus the history of woman in the military, who is leaving all the Mountain Dew cans all over the stupid and the horrible image of podcast host in a thong!  We can wait for the vomiting to stop before you click play. 

This week’s Sponsor is RepSecure, protecting your online identity through intimidation and punishment.  We open the show with Colonel Nathan Jessup and close with Mr. Jimmy Buffett. 

Citations Needed:  No code or honor, Tailhook, Aberdeen, Leonard Wood, Lackland and why this shit is still going on.


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