Episode 102 b “Old Men Yell At Cloud”

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Show Notes Episode 102b: “Old Men Yell At Cloud”


In our very first interview show host Dave Bledsoe is joined in studio by an old friend, who discovers how sad it is be on a low rated podcast.  Together they explore the agony of aging, the pain of politics and debate the hot topics that resonate with today’s youth:  namely the Fourth Doctor and the best host of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  (The original not the reboot)

Along the way we learn about fine whisky, debate the existence of the Pee Tape and go down some strange paths into the mind of Middle Aged Gen X men.  (We are so very scared!)

We want to thank Andrew Roedell for busting the show’s guest cherry, and for talking Dave out of giving Gavin that Purple Nurple.  Bullies are bad!

Our sponsor is Nostalgall, a droning you to sleep with boring stories of our youth.  We open with Abe Simpson and close with Bowling for Soup

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