Episode 102: “Putting the FUN In Fundamentalism!”

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EPISODE #102: “Putting the FUN In Fundamentalism”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe gets right with Jesus, no not THAT Jesus, but Jesus Alvarez the guy in 4C who he pissed off last week playing Phil Collins for four hours straight.  (Jesus Forgive!)  On the show this week, we look at the theorized death of atheism due to low birth rate. Apparently, atheist aren’t getting laid enough.  (Ain’t that the truth!)

Along the way we look at the history of religion in the United States and how it influenced our society.  (Hint: Abolition Good, Prohibition Bad) We learn how Dave could own his own Gulfstream (Think D. Ron Bledsoe) and why he was never Baptized.  (Hint: Lack of trust) There is also discussion of Vacation Bible School, how playing D&D can keep kids in Church and the future of religion in America.  

Keep an eye on your podcast feed for our first interview show later this weekend.  We wanted it for tonight but realized we would be too drunk to edit when we’re done recording.

Our Sponsor this week is Christ 2.0, a Divine for Modern Times, we open the show with a Crazy YouTube Guy and close with NOFX.

Citations Needed: So much patheos, Pew…pew pew, So Euro, Christmas and Easter?, Not even then, Not MLK, How We Believe.

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