Episode #103: “Better the Devin You Know”

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Show Notes Episode #103: “Better the Devin You Know”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe searches for the truth only to discover it will not in fact set you free, but will actually cost $29.99 plus a small shipping and handling fee.  On the show we dig into the ongoing saga of the Trump investigations in Congress and why Devin Nunes is so protective of the President.  (Hint:  Juicey Juice!)

Along the way discover the right and wrong way to investigate a crime. (Did you know you can’t hit suspects with a phone book anymore because there are no phone books?) We learn why Paul Ryan is so committed to keeping Trump in power. (He is a sad, pathetic little man.) and that the Senate might just stand up to Emperor Tangerine.

Additionally, there are Presidential peccadilloes through history, Mike Flynn’s totally not criminal actions requiring immunity from prosecution and rather a lot about WalMarts and Home Depots. Grab your Capris Sun and toll house cookies and settle in for the show!

We also want to shout out to our friends from the Stupid Human Suits podcast on the Cave Comedy Radio Network, who had Dave Bledsoe in studio to talk about vomiting at crime scenes, many things dog related and of course the importance of phlegm in podcasting, Check out their show and hear what a good podcast sounds like.  Also, they lead to a genuine famous person liking the show’s Facebook page, which is as close to the big time as we are going to get.

Our sponsor this week is A-Clue, pointing out the blindingly obvious to the blatantly stupid.  We open with Bunk Moreland’s interrogation style and close with Charlie Daniels.

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