Episode 104: “Highway to the Friend Zone”

Episode 104: “Highway to the Friend Zone”


This week host Dave Bledsoe wants you to know it’s not you, it’s him, he is a selfish immature jerk who will die alone.  On the show this week we deep dive into the idea that men and women can never be friends because women exist only to be vessels for our Holy Seed.  

Along the way, we discover the future of White People (Hint: GOLF COURSES!) and how a televangelist can avoid sexing up the hookers with the Church credit card.  (Think chemical castration.)  We learn why Mike Pence will not do a taco date with strange women, even if they are not lying in ponds and way more about Dave’s sexual history than any reasonable person would EVER want to know.  (The horror….the horror…)  We also get a full explanation of the patriarchy and why it exists. (Ancient Greeks liked young boys, hated women.)

Our sponsor this week is Emotional Maturity, grow the fuck up, problem solved.  We open the show with a pathetic young man annoying young women and close with War.  The band, not the armed conflict.

Citations Needed: You’re like a brother in Christ to me, Fiene is a Weenie!, Next time take the blue one, The 70’s Never Died. Make me Some Pie

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