This week Host Dave Bledsoe gets into a power struggle for the future direction of this podcast only to find no one cares enough to fight with him.  On the show this week we discuss the future direction of White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon (Hint: reimbursement for moving expenses) and the war between him and the Globalist Cucks.

Along the way we learn about Dave’s short lived career in being the Power Behind the Throne (He should’ve voted for Pedro) and about the Great Houses playing the Game of Trump.  (You win or you move onto a lucrative career appearing on Fox News).  We eat a little crow over our support of bombing Syria and wonder who the fuck told Trump about the Mother of All Bombs. (Hint: Fox News).  We worry about how long it will take for the morons in power to get into a War in Korea, or Syria, or Iran, or California.  (Soon, real soon.)

Our sponsor this week is Select-Tiv, all the memories fit to exonerate.  We open with some thoughts on memory and close with with an anthem to all the Scumbag Steves or the world.

Citations Needed: Scotch?, What his sign?, Old Dogs, New Money.

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