Episode 108: “We Can’t Work It Out”




This week Host Dave Bledsoe realized he is an American by birth and Southern by a tragic accident of geography.  On the show this week we answer the President’s question, the Civil War, good god, what is it good for?  (Hint: The fundamental resolution of the issue of slavery marring our nation since it’s inception.)

Along the way we learn everything there is to know about the Transatlantic Slave Trade that anyone with a 9th Grade education should know, but doesn’t.  Along the way we take a deep dive in 18th Century macroeconomics, post Enlightenment political philosophy and why the South’s population failed to recognize fundamental reality.  (Hint:  It’s racism and religion.)  We also examine the rise of the sex trade in the Netherlands, though that’s really more of a vacation planning session.

Our sponsor this week is the Sons of Confederate Veterans, celebrating big fucking losers for over 100 years.  We open the show with them durn Dukes Boys and close with definitely not the Beatles.

Citations Needed: Blame Portugal, A Timeline of Evil, Early American Douchebaggery, These numbers don’t add up, The Golden Circle Jerks.

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