Episode #11: The Frilly Lab Coat Edition


Well, to listen to a lot of men, speaking to other men, it’s the same shit as spewed out of Hunt:  they’re emotional, they’re distracting, they go off and have other men’s babies, not yours.  Oh yeah, let’s cut through that particular line of bovine fecal matter right now:  a huge swathe of men in tech are still harboring those same old grudges they carried through school:  “Why won’t women like ME!”


Let the English major break it down for you guys with a metaphor you can understand.  If the piece hardware you are working with fails to work on multiple systems, are you going to assume all those different systems are the problem?  No, you are will correctly summarize your unit is faulty.  If YOU consistently fail to install with multiple different women, are the women the problem?  Right….you are the defective part.