Episode #111: “Me and Mister Jones”

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This week Host Dave Bledsoe uncovers the REAL TRUTH about the greatest secret of the last two decades:  Matthew Lesko’s book DID NOT contain secrets to free money from the government!  On the show this week we dig for the truth about one Alex Emerick Jones being none other than BILL HICKS!  (He, is not)

Along the way we examine the kind of filth that drops behind Jones like turds from a goat’s ass, though far less cute.  We discuss the progenitors of Alex in radio, from Father Coughlin to Art Bell and how they influenced their audiences.  (Nazis and suicide, sadly not the same people)  There are tips for storing your Dead Aliens (You want them in liquid nitrogen for maximum freshness) and the United Nations Space Fleet rectal probing morons across America.  (Coming soon to a cow pasture near you!)  Finally, we reveal the dark secret that threads through all of human history, the REAL conspiracy no one wants to acknowledge.  (Rich people own EVERYTHING!)

Our Sponsor this week is The Association, our business is none of your goddamn business.  If you think The Association is a returning sponsor, you are under government mind control. We open the show with some of Alex’s better grunts and close with Billy Paul.

Citations Needed: The TRUTH About America, 50% of Americans are Morons, Hale Bopp Mmm Bopp, Profiles in Insanity, Profiles in Stupidity, Profiles in Douchebaggery, The Only TRUE Conspiracy spoken of today.

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