Episode 112: The Legend of the Headless President

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EPISODE #112: “The Legend of the Headless President”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe shows America on the ventriloquist dummy where the bad joke touched him.  On the show this week we discuss the hurt feelings and bitter tears shed when Kathy Griffin made Trump cry.  (Donald, not Barron.)

Along the way, we draw a parallel to a dead Greek that is shocking even to us.  (Who THINKS of this stuff?)  We remind the NSA that even if we say the words in the correct order, this does not mean we intend to do thing we said.  (When we said we wanted to join ISIS, we were watching Archer!) If we said some slighting things about Chris Clizilla, we apologize, it’s just that you are objectively horrible.  If we lingered a little too long on the stock boy at Piggly Wiggly, it’s only because he is too dreamy.  If we went overboard with the sex scene late in the show, we apologize for nothing, because sometimes in comedy you need to hurt in order to heal.  (Thick ropes, people, THICK ropes!)

Our sponsor this week is Gaetan Guillotines, chopping prices faster than you can chop heads! We open the show this with precious snowflake Tucker Carlson lamenting the failed state of modern comedy and close with Queen’s remonstrance on the importance of placidity.  

Stay tuned right after for a new Fulcrum with StePHen Bannon, talking the Paris Accords!

Citations Needed:  I heard Trump likes getting head, Could it be SATAN?!?, She seems tense, making this analogy took some set of balls, smooth ones just like they liked it.

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