Episode #115: “The Center Cannot Hold”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE #115: “The Center Cannot Hold”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe plaintively asks if he is naught but a pair of ragged claws only to discover he’s mixed up W.B. Yeats and T.S. Elliott.  Again.  On the show this week we plaintively ask why can’t we all just get along only to discover we’ve NEVER really gotten along, we just stopped pretending to even try.

Along the way we discover that He Man and She Ra were really concerned about pedophiles in the 80’s, and that despite what they told us in school, the United States is not historically a Nation. (Fake History! Sad!)  There is a digression into why Tim Allen is so persecuted and deeper digression into furniture styles since the Revolutionary War.  (Only one of these is relevant.)  Also, there is Springsteen as Prophet and ponder if  establishing a religion around The Boss is fiscally sound.  Finally, we lean excessively on the  hackneyed rhetorical and literary crutch of The Second Coming. (The poem not the sad second masturbation session of a Sunday afternoon.)  We warn the listener in advance, this not a “peppy” show with a lot of “happiness” or “hope” within.  We also warn the listener that over use of quoted words make you appear a bit prickish.  (This does not “stop” us from doing so.)

Our Sponsor this week is Leon’s Sphinx repair, from Giza to the your front stoop, we solve the riddle of keeping your Sphinx clean.  We open the show with Dave reading Yeats and close with Geoffrey Schott (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WftyKtMELR4)  telling us he feels fine about the end of the world.

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