EPISODE #116: “Death By A Thousand Tax Cuts”

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EPISODE #116: “Death By A Thousand Tax Cuts”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe asks the doctor to give him news, only find out he has bad case of loving you.  (The prognosis is not good.)  On the show this week we FINALLY do the health care episode we’ve been trying avoid like a Republican Congressman in his district.  Like his constituents, it leaves us even more pissed off than when we started.

Along the way we learn the history of medicine in America, like how many chickens it would cost for a syphilis treatment (three but no promises it works) and the best places to die on the streets of your town.  (Near the pizza parlor, trash pickup will cart off your body).  We also discover the rather disturbing backstory of Mr. Peabody and Sherman–no really, we are not cool with this, it’s kind of sick.  We also talk about LBJ’s dick, which you are required to do each time your bring up LBJ in a historical context, why do you think they wait so late in High School to teach you about VietNam?  We explain exactly why your insurance sucks and learn long after their demise exactly what the hell an HMO was supposed to be.  (They financed trips to golf clubs for doctors.)  We look at who suffers under the Senate Tax Cut Bill masquerading has a health care.  (That would be YOU, unless you are rich, then you will do GREAT!)  Finally we close with what you can do to help.  (Die quickly)

Our sponsor this week is Shitshurance, we cover your shit.  We open the show with Chris Rock explaining insurance and close with Len Rozamus (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfYd8TFo1qU) covering Jackson Brown’s ophthalmological opus.

Citations Needed: 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Fucked By Circumstance, How the Sausage Was Made, You’re Out of Your Element Donny,

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